Amtar Ghaim Company
Provision of the best food products and fresh Meat
About Company
It is of international standards
We imported in accordance with the Libyan specifications and we are conscious of the societal responsibility towards our fatherland.
Why us?

Who are We?

AMTAR GHAIM is a Libyan company with main seat in the city of Tripoli / Libya and has many branches dispersed over the Western Region, and it is an approved agent for many international companies working in the field of foodstuff where the Company imports different types of foodstuff and distributes them within Libya and also it operates in the field of importing fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables of all types.

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Why Our Company?

We are a leading Libyan company engaged in the field of importing foodstuff of all types. Right now, the Company is endeavoring in developing and enlarging its infrastructure of facilities and services so that its business would cover the majority of areas in Libya with the aim of reaching the biggest sector possible of dealers and consumers.

Products of High Quality

AMTAR GHAIM attends to select products with the utmost care where the products of superior quality are chosen and this is the first and foremost criteria in choosing the products.

Customers' Trust

AMTAR GHAIM hired sales team and marketing researchers that proved their experience and high competence for responding to the needs of the market, the consumers and their expectations in developing the product.

Broad Vision

We aim to fully satisfy the customer and ensure quality for the value by choosing the best products from renowned international suppliers of the different food commodities.

From the Best Companies

Diverse Product of High Quality

AMTAR GHAIM undertakes to choose products carefully where only the high quality products are chosen and this represents the first and foremost standard in choosing products that are imported into the Libyan market as we strongly believe that our client deserves products of the highest quality.

Fresh and Frozen Meat

We import the best quality of Meat and Livestock

The Company strives to provide and supply the needs of the Libyan market in terms of fresh meat of sheep and cows and fulfills the demands of Libyan consumer of frosted and frozen meat from different countries of the highest quality at competitive and affordable prices.

The Company also does its best to import foodstuff, livestock and meat with the aim of active contribution and achieving food security in Libya through developing this industry and enriching the Libyan market with distinct meat products of high quality and the other linked services and procuring foodstuff.

Supplying the Best Products